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The lighting system of a motor vehicle - car, truck, motorcycle - consists of lighting and signalling devices mounted to or integrated into the front, rear, and sides. They illuminate the road ahead for the driver and increase the vehicle's visibility, allowing other drivers and pedestrians to see its presence, position, size, direction of travel, and its driver's intentions.

The most important car, truck, and motorcycle lights are headlights. The two types of headlights are low beam and high beam, which allow drivers to see the road in the dark and make themselves visible to other motorists. Other automotive lights include DRLs (day running lights), sidelights, turn signals, reversing lights, brake lights, rear and front fog lights, and number plate lights.

There are three different types of headlight bulbs: halogen, which is based on the technology that has been around for decades, xenon HID, which uses newer technology to create longer-lasting brighter light, and LED, which is the newest, most energy-efficient type of automotive lighting solution.

HALOGEN lightning bulbs for cars, trucks, and motorcycles

car headlight bulbs halogenSimilar to classic incandescent lights, halogen lightning bulbs use a heated wolfram filament to produce light, except the filament is encased in a glass bowl of halogen gas to improve performance and longevity.

Halogen headlight consists of a thin wolfram (tungsten) filament surrounded by a halogen gas in a hermetically sealed glass bowl which is extremely resistant to high temperatures. It works by sending electricity through the wolfram filament inside the glass capsule that starts to glow as an incandescent process. In a automotive bulb the primary function of the halogen gas is to extend the life of the wolfram filament.

Halogen headlights are easy to identify, shining a small amount of yellow light in a color temperature of around 3500K on the road directly in front of the vehicle. Anyhow, the product range of halogen car lightning bulbs are further developed with the new categories which have more light intensity and light color being more white, of up to 5500K of pure white Sky Blue WOLFRAM halogen line of car bulbs.

XENON XENARC HID lightning bulbs for cars

xenon hid car light bulbXenon car headlights are a kind of HID (high-intensity discharge) light. XENON headlights work by sending a high-voltage electric current between two wolfram electrodes housed inside a quartz tube filled with xenon gas. This process allows them to emit bright, far-reaching white light at around 6000K, with less heat than their halogen alternatives.

XENON headlights require more power than halogens headlights when first turned on, but they use much less to maintain their brightness once fully lit. XENON car  lightning bulbs need an additional component to operate, a ballast electric device, which can create a potential point of failure and drain energy on the car electric sysyem. Also, XENON light bulbs cost considerably more than halogen car headlights but they have a much longer liftime span.

XENON car lightning bulbs can achieve impresive bright blue-white light color temperatures like 6000K Blue Series from WOLFRAM. OSRAM was developing and producing this category of high contrast white light headlight bulbs under the name of XENARC Cool Blue Intense (Next Gen). 

XENON car headlights last longer life than halogen lamps, up to 10 years. WOLFRAM has developed and produced a special line of Long Life XENON car headlight bulbs. OSRAM is calling this line of long life xenon headlight bulbs XENARC Ultra Life.

As high intensity discharge would suggest, xenon car lights are brighter than there halogen counterparts but they are not as energy efficient as LED units.

LED car headlights bulbs

LED WOLF WolframThe LED and XENON car headlights are similar in brightness and range but have important differences. As the newest headlights on the market, LED car headlights are more efficient and advanced than both halogen and HID car lights creating a perfect beam pattern that does not disturb the other night traffic participants.

LEDs (or light-emitting diodes) don’t use gas or filaments to produce light, instead, they rely on small diodes that light up when an electric current runs through them. They emit light in a color temperature of your choosing and do not produce a significant amount of heat when they light up. However, the diodes themselves do give off some heat at their bases, meaning cars with LED headlights must provide a way to keep the LEDs cool. The NIKEN copper led base, Aluminium 6063 high grade type, the electronic Smart Driverand the 8500 RPM fan power used on construction of LED car headlights will help on keeping them cooler.

Wolfram brings to market 3 distinct series of LED car bulbs for headlights. A series consists of LED bulbs with 1:1 equivalent to halogen bulbs and which do not have a fan for cooling, cooling being ensured passively through a special shape heatsink designed and made of high-performance aluminum type 6063. This series is referred to as DORA. Increasing the cooling level of LED equipment by introducing the fan leads to a series of more powerful LED bulbs, called LUNA. They provide a light intensity of 4500 lumens and a power of 22W. The top of the range from Wolfram is given by the LED bulbs of the WOLF series that have top characteristics, with a luminous intensity of 12000 lumens and a power of 75W. The electronic chip used for the control driver in this top series is the high-performance 3570.

Like xenon headlights, they also require an additional component to operate, a driver. Because LED headlights are harder to design and implement in cars, they are more expensive than other headlights, though they do provide more focused light rays and can be configured in unique shapes. The majority of LED car headlights are daytime running lights and low beam lights.

LED car light bulbs might last up to 50000 hours while XENONs have a life span of around 15000 hours and Halogen car bulbs have a life span of arround 2500 hours.

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If you do not know the type of bulbs used by the manufacturer on your machine you can use the OSRAM online application for guidance to find out the type of replacement bulb.

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