Headlight Motorcycle Lights

Headlights are one of the most important safety features on a motorcycle. As well as illuminating the road ahead, you're making yourself visible to other drivers on the road, especially at night. It's more than likely that your motorbike was originally fitted with halogen bulbs. Halogens motorcycle lights can be bright and serve very well as motorcycle headlights. Your motorbike’s headlights must emit either white with a yellow tint or a pure white color light.

motorcycle head lights lamps

Commonly standard motorcycles come with bulb-fitted multi-reflective type headlights. It's still standard and common in most of the motorcycles.


Tungsten filament bulb, or halogen bulb, is the most common type of motorcycle bulb used in standard headlights. It's quite exactly like a regular bulb that is used at home and produces light quantity according to its wattage.


But motorcycle bulbs are DC operated. It consumes quite a lot of power than the other type of modern lights and illumination is near to the standard. But this type of motorbike bulbs is still used in common as its cost effective and too much easy to replace therefore maintenances.


Moreover, modern halogen motorcycle bulbs are a new addition for better illumination and low power consumption.

Halogen motorcycle headlight bulbs - long lasting brighter light

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