Stop and Signal Motorcycle Lights

Rear lights, turn signal, and position lights are mandatory appliances on most motorcycles that want to be driven on public roads. If you are an motorbike off road passionate, the lights on your motorcycle can be dismissed as you don't need them when enjoying the out of the road ride and the safety purpose of the motorcycle lights is obsolete in this scenario.

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Tail lights are the second most important light on your motorcycle. Like headlights, tail lights are a crucial safety feature: they help increase the visibility of your motorbike to other drivers. Tail light units for motorcycles also typically include your brake light, which is another important safety feature. One factor to keep in mind with tail lights is colour, as in almost every country, tail lights are legally required to be red colored. This lets other drivers on the road know that they're looking at the back of a vehicle, and not the front of it where the light colors are white.


Another type of motorcycle stop and signal lights are the position lights. The front position light must emit a white light, unless it is within a yellow headlamp, and on the the rear side must always be a red light. The front position light, or sidelight, is considered separate from the motorcycle’s headlight unit. The rear position light may, or may not, be integrated on the tail lights unit.


Turn signals are the final piece of lighting required on motorcycles. You can choose from a variety of styles, including both front and rear. Some riders prefer longer stalk turn signals, whilst others prefer them flat on the bike.

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