Mini Series Truck Lights

Truck signal lights have an important safety function. They demonstrate deceleration and a change in direction of the vehicle, and make the truck and trailer more visible to other road participants when it is dark or during poor visibility.

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Miniature glass wedge 24V truck bulbs

Miniature series glass wedge truck and trailer bulbs are used for front and rear position lights, indicator lights, side marker lights, parking lights, side turn signal, rear fog lights, reversing lights, rear registration plate lights, and interior comfort lights. They are part of stop and signal truck bulbs category.


This glass wedge base small 24V bulbs type used by trucks and trailers have the purpose of increasing the vehicle's visibility, allowing other road participants to see its presence, position, vehicle size, direction of travel, and its driver's intentions.


A wedge base is a type of electrical connector used as a fitting for small light bulbs. It is similar to the dual pin connector, except that the two "pins" are the same wires that extend inside the bulb, rather than being rigid, and the wires are bent up onto the sides of the base, where they make contact with the bulb socket.


The glass wedge 24V miniature bulb is inserted and removed with straight in or out force, without turning on as with metal base. Sometimes the glass wedge truck small bulb may have dual filaments, acting as both a low-wattage tail light or parking light and a higher-wattage brake light or turn signal. In this case, one has its contacts near the center of the base, and the other toward the outside edges, so that they cannot be accidentally swapped. Along with putting contacts on the opposite or alternating sides, this gives the glass base rotational symmetry so that the user does not have to determine the exact position of the old broken bulb before inserting a new replacement truck and trailer bulb as the inserting position can be randomly choosen.


The ECE types for the 24V miniature glass wedge truck bulbs are: T5 and T10 with wattage of 1.2W, 3W, and 5W. They are in clear type color models and have only one filament.

Truck and trailer light bulbs - miniature glass wedge of T5, T10 ECE

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