Niken LED Headlight Bulbs

LED car headlight bulbs are the new standard for the automotive lighting industry as most new cars come with at least LED daytime running lights and low beam LED headlights. LEDs are currently in the process of replacing classic halogen bulbs in modern vehicles. They provide high luminous efficiency and increased safety.

LED car lights

LED headlight bulbs are light-emitting diode headlights. They use semiconductors to transmit energy-emitting photons that create light.


These directional car lights are brighter than ones of halogen car bulbs of the same wattage as well. As manufacturers chase reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, easing the electrical strain on a car has become more important, and that is exactly what LED car lights help do.


LED headlights bulbs are producing a crystal clear light. The daylight-like colour of the light allows for a pleasant and subjectively increased perception of the light.

Car LEDs offer great functionality, technical performance, and optimal road lighting results. LED headlights bulbs support saving energy resources and provide more traffic safety.


NIKEN Pro Series LED car headlights bulbs

NIKEN ProSeries automotive LED bulbsNIKEN Pro Series headlights bulbs high-performance LED diodes, using the flip chip technology with the result of emitting a stronger light from a thinner surface that creates a perfect light beam pattern, are positioned on a large copper base structure that allows for a better heat regulation.


As the heat is dissipated more easily, more current can flow through the diode, the light emission covers more area, and the light output is higher. Furthermore, using special heat disipatting materials, as aluminum 6063 for special desingned shape heatsink, and a powerful fan of 8,500 RPM together with a electronic smart driver for better controlling the heat temperature, it will improve the stability and the light performance of the NIKEN LED headlights bulbs.


Why to replace a halogen bulb with one of NIKEN LED Pro Series premium bulbs? Because LED car bulbs of NIKEN are brighter than any halogen standard headlight bulbs and cast a wider and perfect beam pattern, plus the low power draw neeeded to run LED lights, significantly longer-lasting as up to 50,000 lifespan hours for NIKEN LED Pro Series comparing with 2,500 working hours for standard halogen, and better illumination of the road ahead with a much whiter color light of up to 5500K-6300K than standard halogens, which typically are yellowish colored, or xenon standard light of 4300K.


NIKEN LED headlight bulbs are compatible with existing halogen housing and it’s a staight forward process as swapping out the old halogen car bulb for an new NIKEN LED one. Sometimes, depending of the make and model of your car, an adaptor bulb fit will be needed but, don't worry, you will find it inside of the NIKEN 2 pieces of premium LED car bulbs plus 2 pieces of special adaptors package that are specific to your car model. ECE H1, H3, H4, H7, H10, H11, H15, H27, HB3 9005, HB4 9006, and HIR2 9012 are covered by NIKEN LED car headlights premium bulbs. For the D Series Niken is manufacturing the ECE D1S, D2S, D3S, and D4S. So, they are the perfect choice as replacement of the halogen and xenon car bulbs.


Note: If your car headlights are equiped with light reflectors, you also will need to replace that with ones designed for LED bulbs. That’s because the directional way that LEDs are producing the light is different from the general halogen bulb lighting. So you’ll likely end up with some weaker road light coverage in places, along with a blindingly intense white light beam to others road participants.


Attention: to be used off road only, ouside of public roads. EU legislation does not allow interference with the original electrical installation of the car. Separate approval from competent authorities is required in this case.


The use of bulbs that do not comply with the characteristics of the electrical installation of the car can lead to damage to it as well as to the headlights.

Niken LED car headlight bulbs white powerful light of premium quality

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