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Halogen Night Vision HB3 60W 12V P20d +150% Extra Light +150m road visibility +20% Whiter Light
  • Halogen Night Vision HB3 60W 12V P20d +150% Extra Light +150m road visibility +20% Whiter Light
  • Halogen Night Vision HB3 60W 12V P20d +150% Extra Light +150m road visibility +20% Whiter Light


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WOLFRAM HB3 Halogen Night Vision Series

HB3 3900K 60W 12V P20d type car light bulbs

Wolfram - German design and quality

+150% Extra Light +150m road visibility +20% Whiter Light

2 pieces premium packaging

upgraded HB3 halogen technology


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Halogen Night Vision Series HB3 60W 12V P20d,+150m extra road night visibility, 3900K white light car lighting bulbs

Halogen Night Vision Series HB3 9005 car bulbs compared with Halogen Standard Light Series car bulbs have +150% Extra Light, +150m road night visibility, +20% Whiter Light

Wolfram German design and qualityHB3 Wolfram Night Vision halogen headlight lamps shine up to 150% brighter compared to the minimum legal standard. The highly engineered filament ensures an extra light boost. Consequently, the lamps provide an up to 150m long beam and up to 20% whiter light compared to the standard halogen car lightning bulbs. More light and improved visibility can help drivers identify and react to traffic hazards more quickly.

The colour temperature of the light emitted by Wolfram's HB3 9005 Night Vision bulbs is 3900K, a light similar to the light emitted by standard xenon bulbs.

The HB3 Night Vision car lightning bulb is an upgraded technology product of the HB3 Halogen Standard Light.


  • Up to 150% more light emited than standard halogen car bulbs
  • Shows 150m more distance compared to standard light car bulbs
  • Ultimate style, with a 3900K intense white light
  • High contrast and excelent visibility for safe driving
  • High-precision coating and high-quality UV-quartz glass

The downturn for this upgraded halogen car light bulbs is the lifetime parameter that is a little bit more than half compared with standard halogen light bulbs.

Product Description - Halogen NV +150% Extra Light, +150m road visibility, +20% Whiter Light

Ece - HB3 9005

Volt - 12 Volts

Watt - 60 Watts

Base - P20d

Light color temperature - 3900K

Packaging Qty - 2 pcs.

Product Barcode - 8682005502622


Made in South Korea

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Data sheet

Product Description
Halogen Night Vision Series +150% Extra Light +20% Whiter +150m Visibility
HB3 9005
12 Volts
60 Watts
Packaging Qty
2 pcs.



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