VW Jetta headlight LED H7 NIKEN Pro Series and adaptors set
  • VW Jetta headlight LED H7 NIKEN Pro Series and adaptors set
  • VW Jetta headlight LED H7 NIKEN Pro Series and adaptors set
  • VW Jetta headlight adaptors for LED H7 NIKEN Pro Series bulbs

VW Jetta headlight LED H7 and Adaptors NIKEN 061 001 01 13

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VW Jetta headlight LED H7 NIKEN Pro Series and adaptors set

H7 LED 32W 12V 8000LM 5500K Px26d type Niken premium car lighting bulbs

Set of 2 pieces of Niken H7 LED premium car headlight lamps

Set of 2 pieces Niken headlight adaptors for H7 LED Niken Pro Series for VW Jetta cars


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VW Jetta headlight LED bulbs, H7 LED 32W 12V 8000LM 5500K Px26d and headlight adaptors, premium car LED headlight bulbs Niken Pro Series

LED Pro Series car headlights lamps from NIKEN are supposed to last far longer than the other two types of lights, which is a convenience and potential money saver for car owners who plan to hold onto their car for the long time.

Also, NIKEN LED Pro Series car lightning bulbs require less energy to work than both halogen and HID lights, they run cooler, and they’re less of a drain on the vehicle's electrical system. That means there’s the potential to save money on reduction of gas consuption as well.

NIKEN LED headlight lampsIn our days LEDs headlight bulbs are starting to be more common than HID or halogen headlights due to its advantages compared to the other car lightning solutions.

H7 LED headlights might last up to 50,000 hours while HIDs have a life span of around 15,000 hours and halogen lightning bulbs can last over 2,500 hours. This is translating in a lower cost of service of your car if you are using the LED car lights solutions.

LED headlights start running instantly while the heating filament in HID could take a short time to light.

The H7 LED Pro Series car headlight bulbs design and construction materials used are following the principle of running cooler, stable, and for a long period of time. All of this in a compact design for a easily instalion on the car headlight system. In this regard a performant electronic smart driver, the copper LED base, high grade aviation aluminium 6063, and a 8500 RPM fan are used on construction of LED Pro Series bulbs for regulating the temperatures in case of increasing temperatures.

The H7 LED Pro Series car headlight is using Flip Chip technology for emitting a powerful light from a thinner surface. In this way it is forming a perfect beam pattern of 8000 lumens light intensity. This led beam pattern does not disturb the other traffic participants but letting you have a better and clear view on the road.

Please chech the compatibility of the Volkswagen headlight LED H7 bulbs and adaptors set according to your car model with a Volkswagen professional or representative.

Attention: to be used off road only, ouside of public roads. EU legislation does not allow interference with the original electrical installation of the car. Separate approval from competent authorities is required in this case.

The use of bulbs that do not comply with the characteristics of the electrical installation of the car can lead to damage to it as well as to the headlights.

Product Description - VW Jetta headlight LED H7 NIKEN Pro Series and adaptors set

Ece - H7 for VW Jetta

Volt - 12 Volts

Watt - 32 Watts

Light brightness - up to 8000 Lumens

Color temperature - up to 5500K

Lifespan - up to 50,000 hours

Base - Px26d

Packaging Qty LED bulbs and adaptors - 2 pcs. + 2 pcs.

Product Barcode - 8697554417402

Brand: NIKEN

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Data sheet

Product Description
LED Pro Series
12 Volts
32 Watts
Packaging Qty
2 pcs.


NIKEN LED Pro Series Catalog

NIKEN Pro Series LED car headlights

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Certificate of guarantee

Certificate of guarantee for Wolfram and Niken automotive light bulbs

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