Halogen Standard Light HB4A 51W P22d
  • Halogen Standard Light HB4A 51W P22d
  • Halogen Standard Light HB4A 51W P22d


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WOLFRAM HB4A Halogen Standard Light Series automotive bulbs

HB4A 9006 XS 51W 12V P22d type halogen car light bulb

Wolfram - German design and quality


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HB4A 9006 XS 51W 12V P22d Halogen Standard Light Series type car lighting bulb

Halogen headlights lamps are the most popular kind on our today roads as they were the standard car lighting bulbs of choice until the LED lights will become mainstream. They use a combination of gases, usually nitrogen and argon, and a wolfram, also called tungsten, filament in a glass vacuumed tube. Once the filament is heated by passing a current on wolfram material the light is produced.

The halogen HB4A 9006 XS automotive bulbs are cheap products and they are easy to replace.

Wolfram - German design and technologyThe halogen HB4A 9006 XS  car lighting bulbs are small, lightweight, and easy to produce that means a very good selling price compared with XENON or LED headlight products.

The 9006 XS is a type of automotive headlight bulb that is similar to the standard 9006/HB4 bulb, but it has a slightly different base and overall length. The "XS" designation typically indicates that the bulb is designed to fit in tight spaces where there is limited clearance around the headlight assembly.

The HB4A 9006 XS bulb uses halogen technology to produce light, which works by passing an electric current through a wolfram filament that is surrounded by a gas mixture. As the filament heats up, it produces light that is focused by a lens and projected onto the road ahead.

Compared to other types of halogen bulbs, the HB4A 9006 XS bulb is designed to provide a clear, bright beam of light that can improve visibility and safety while driving. It typically has a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs because it is made with high-quality materials and designed to withstand the high temperatures and vibrations that are common in automotive applications.

Overall, the HB4A 9006 XS bulb is a popular choice for drivers who need a reliable, high-quality headlight bulb that can provide clear, focused light for improved visibility and safety while driving at night or in low light conditions, especially in vehicles that require a bulb with a more compact design.

A typical incandescent light may last up to 1000 hours, while a halogen light can last over 2500 hours.

HB4A 9006 XS halogen car lamps lights are producing light with a color temperature closer to that of the Sun, which is a more white color compared to the yellow tint color given by light of incandescents lamps.

Product Description - Halogen Standard Light

Ece - HB4A 9006 XS

Volt - 12 Volts

Watt - 51 Watts

Base - P22d

Packaging Qty - 1 pcs.

Product Barcode - 8682005501632


Made in Germany

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Data sheet

Product Description
Halogen Standard Light Series
HB4A 9006 XS
12 Volts
51 Watts
Packaging Qty
1 pcs.



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