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Halogen Standard Light HIR1 65W PX20d
  • Halogen Standard Light HIR1 65W PX20d
  • Halogen Standard Light HIR1 65W PX20d


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WOLFRAM Halogen Standard Light Series

HIR1 65W 12V PX20d type halogen car light bulb


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HIR1 9011 65W 12V PX20d Halogen Standard Light Series type car lighting bulb

Halogen headlights lamps are the most popular kind on our today roads as they were the standard car lighting bulbs of choice until the LED lights will become mainstream. They use a combination of gases, usually nitrogen and argon, and a wolfram, also called tungsten, filament in a glass vacuumed tube. Once the filament is heated by passing a current on wolfram material the light is produced.

The halogen HIR1 automotive bulbs are cheap products and they are easy to replace.

The halogen HIR1 car lighting bulbs are small, lightweight, and easy to produce that means a very good selling price compared with XENON or LED headlight products.

HIR1 stands for Halogen Infrared Reflective technology, which is a type of halogen bulb commonly used in automotive headlights. This technology is designed to provide brighter and clearer light output compared to traditional halogen bulbs.

The HIR1 bulb works by using a special coating on the inside of the glass envelope that reflects infrared light back onto the filament, making it burn hotter and brighter. This results in a whiter, more intense beam of light that can improve visibility and safety while driving at night.

In addition to improved brightness, HIR1 bulbs are also designed to last longer than traditional halogen bulbs. They typically have a longer lifespan because the infrared reflective coating helps to reduce the amount of tungsten that is evaporated from the filament, which can cause the filament to burn out faster.

A typical incandescent light may last up to 1000 hours, while a halogen light can last over 2500 hours.

Halogen HIR1 car lamps lights are producing light with a color temperature closer to that of the Sun, which is a more white color compared to the yellow tint color given by light of incandescents lamps.

Product Description - Halogen Standard Light, Halogen Infrared Reflective technology

Ece - HIR1

Volt - 12 Volts

Watt - 65 Watts

Base - PX20d

Packaging Qty - 1 pcs.

Product Barcode - 8682005501649



Data sheet

Product Description
Halogen Standard Light Series
HIR1 9011
12 Volts
65 Watts
Packaging Qty
1 pcs.



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