Festoon Truck Lights

Festoon 36mm, and 41mm 24V truck light bulbs are used for front and rear position lights, side marker lights, indicator light signal, rear fog lights, reversing lights, rear registration plate lights, interior comfort lights, dome lights, map reading light, inside mirror lights, and footwell lights. These festoon light bulbs types used by trucks and trailers have the purpose of increasing the vehicle's visibility, allowing other road participants to see its presence, position, vehicle size, direction of travel, fulfilling the truck driver and passengers interior comfort and, generally speaking, showing the driver's future intentions of following the road.

truck lamps festoon cabin position

24V festoon truck and trailer light bulbs

The word "festoon lamp" generally refers to a double-ended miniature lightbulb. The festoon truck and trailer lamps focus on safety and weather resistant with great IP ratings.

The 24V festoon lamps design and fabrication it is about using a small incandescent lamp soldered on metal trims. The incandescent filament of truck festoon bulbs is linear. The philosophy of festoon light bulbs is about linear lighting comparing with the spot radial lighting emitted by regular round light bulbs.

In truck and trailer light industry the festoon halogen light bulbs are manufactured in two length dimensions: 36mm and 41mm. The electric power used by halogen festoon 24V truck lamps it is of 5W and 10W.

Festoon 24V truck light bulbs of 36mm and 41mm with bright light

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