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Truck and trailer 24V lighting bulbs for low and high beam headlights, brake, signaling, fog lights, position, sidelights, reverse, parking, tail lights, and interior cabin lights. Original truck motor unit and trailer lighting spare parts at competitive prices.

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Truck and trailer 24V headlight bulb types

As automotive lighting technologies are developing and becaming mainstream it’s no surprise that the truck lights are also evolving.

Advances in technology have given us three common bulb types: halogen, xenon / high intensity discharge (HID), and light emitting diodes (LED).


Halogen truck headlights bulbs

Halogen 24V truck and trailer lights are the most popular kind on our roads today. They use a combination of gases - usually nitrogen and argon – and a tungsten (wolfram) filament in a glass tube. Standard halogen, Miniature, and Truck Vision Heavy Duty categories of halogen bulbs which diferentiate them according to the production technology. ECE types for halogen car bulbs: H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, H15, and H21W of standard, miniature, and performance truck lighting bulbs.


Upgraded halogen 24V truck bulbs Truck Vision Heavy Duty

Performance truck halogen headlights are offering at night driving a more road visibility, more luminous intensity, maximum light output, more whiter light, as well as high-end lighting technologies. Halogen Truck Vision Extra Heavy Duty truck bulbs from Wolfram set new standards for truck headlighting with their increased visibility of up to 150% extra light, extra lifetime of up to 2.5 times longer life than truck halogen standard bulbs, and being extra heavy duty bulbs with very high vibration resistance.


truck xenon light bulbs

Xenon light bulbs 4300K standard, 6000K white light and Ultraviolet 4300K and 6000K models for truck headlight

All Wolfram xenon bulbs in the car category can be used to replace xenon bulbs in trucks.

Thus, here we will find the standard Xenon 4300K Brown series, the Xenon 6000K Blue white light and the Xenon Ultraviolet series with standard 4300K models and 6000K white light.


There are several 24V lights on our trucks: indicators that double up as hazard lights, tail lights that sit next to brake lights, and headlights that we can set to different modes.

Dipped headlights

Dipped headlights, sometimes known as low beams, are the most commonly used headlights. They are brighter than sidelights, but not as bright as full beam headlights. They are angled downwards, towards the road. They should be turned on at night-time, during bad weather and at day-time if it is mandatory by law and your truck it is not factory equiped with LED running day lights.

Full beam headlights

Full beam 24V headlights are the brightest type of headlight on normal vehicles. They are angled higher than dipped headlights, allowing you to see more of the road, and are sometimes known as high beams. You should only use full beam headlights on unlit stretches of road at night or non public roads.

Fog lights

Fog lights are designed to cut through fog and mist, unlike full beam lights that are reflected by fog. They are positioned on front and back of the vehicle. In vehicle's front it is used a clear type light, with a yellow tint, and on the back lamp the light is of high intensity of red color.

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Signal and hazard warning lights

The 24V signal lights can be seen on all corners of the truck motor unit and trailer as well as on the sides of them. Their way of working is on pulsating manner to have a better visibility when warning other road participants about the change of direction of travel or changing the lanes. The hazard lights are the same as the lights used for signaling, all operating at the same time to announce an unexpected road event.

Indicators or position lights, sidelights

The position lights are at the front, rear and sides of the truck motor unit and trailer. They warn other road participants about the size of the road assembly and its external limits.

Reverse lights

Reverse lights are of white color and found on the back of your truck and trailer. They’re turned automatically on at the same time as you put you car in the reverse mode. This type of light will help you have a better view at night on the back of your truck when you are parking or drive backwards.

Brake lights

The 24V brake lights are red in color with high luminous intensity and are usually located in the taillights behind the truck motor unit and the trailer. These light signals given by the truck assembly stop bulbs are to show the other drivers that you have applied the brakes of the truck and that you are slowing down, sometimes until the truck is stopped.

Interior lights

Interior lights are defined as lights of truck's cabin. They’re door lights, dome lights, map reading lights, accent lights, comfort lights, glove compartiment lights, and trunk interior lights.

Truck 24V light bulbs - upgraded halogen headlights, stop and signal


  • Halogen Truck Bulbs

    Halogen headlight 24V bulbs are typically the standard bulbs in most trucks and trailers. As the truck lighting technology advanced and the production cost it is lowering the LED technology will become automotive industry mainstream.

    truck lamps halogen

    A halogen headlight truck bulb consists of a thin tungsten filament surrounded by a halogen gas in a glass filament capsule which is extremely resistant to high temperatures. It works by sending electricity through the tungsten filament inside the glass capsule. The electrical current heats up the wolfram to approximately 2500° Celsius and it starts to glow (incandescent process). The bulb uses an inert gas and a small amount of a halogen such as iodine or bromine.


    Truck 24V halogen bulbs of Standard and Truck Vision Heavy Duty categories

    LightOnCarParts has a range of truck halogen upgrade bulbs which include long lasting bulbs, brighter bulbs or bulbs designed for style. You will find here Standard Truck Lights, Miniature Truck Lights, and Truck Vision Heavy Duty Lights (+150% Extra Light, Extra Lifetime, Extra Heavy Duty) lines.


    Halogen truck light bulbs tends to be a cheaper alternative but you might want to consider between price vs performance if you are looking for the best possible outcome.


    Wolfram premium automotive light bulbs

    Summarizing the about halogen headlight truck bulbs:

    • Halogen bulbs are a mixture of inert gas with a small amount of halogen gas that suround a wolfram filament
    • The addition of Xenon gas into the mix allows the filament to burn brighter to increase light output
    • The addition of a blue coating to the 24V truck bulb will turn the colour of the light to be more white. The downside to this is a small reduction in light intensity
    • Truck bulbs with a higher wattage produce more light but have a shorter lifespan
    • Their colour range spans from making them quite diverse bulbs
    • These types of upgrade truck bulbs usually range between 20% to 200% brighter than standard halogen truck bulbs
    • High power car halogen bulbs usually last less than 1 year where as Extra Lifetime truck halogen bulbs can last up to 4 years
  • Stop and Signal Truck...

    The exterior stop and signal truck lights, whether attached at the front, side or rear of the tractor unit and trailer, provide information for other road users through their signals. These types of truck lights will make a vehicle conspicuous and visible with respect to its presence, position, direction of travel, change in direction, or deceleration.

    Stop and signal truck lights may light steadily, blink, or flash, depending on their intended and regulated function. Most of them must be fitted in pairs, one left and one right, though some vehicles have multiple pairs (such as two left and two right stop lights) and/or redundant light sources (such as one left and one right stop light, each containing two bulbs).

    truck lamps stop signal cabin

    Exterior stop and signal 24V truck and trailer lights

    Front position truck lights: known as parking lights and front sidelights, provide nighttime standing-vehicle conspicuity. The truck tractor unit bulbs used for this type of lights are designed to use little electricity so they can be left on when parked for prolonged periods of time.

    Daytime running lights: some countries permit or require vehicles to be equipped with daytime running lights (DRLs). Depending on the regulations of the country for which the vehicle is built, these may be functionally dedicated lights, or the function may be provided by the low beam headlights.

    Side marker lights: amber light color on front and red light color on rear side marker lights are required. These side-facing truck lamps make the vehicle's presence, position and direction of travel clearly visible from oblique angles.

    Direction indicator lights or turn signals are blinking lights mounted near the left and right front and rear corners of a vehicle, and sometimes on the sides or on the side mirrors of a truck. They are activated by the driver on one side of the vehicle at a time to advertise intent to turn or change lanes towards that side, or used simultaneously as a hazard warning signal to warn other drivers of a vehicle parked on the road or a faulty truck unit.

    Side turn signals: in most countries, trucks must be equipped with side-mounted turn signal repeaters to make the turn indication visible to the sides of the vehicle rather than just to the front and rear of the vehicle.

    Rear position truck lights or tail lights: conspicuity for the rear of a vehicle is provided by rear position lights also called tail lights. These are required to produce only red light and to be wired such that they are lit whenever the front position lights are lit, including when the headlights are on. Rear position lights may be combined with the vehicle's stop lights or be separate from them. In combined-function installations, the lights produce brighter red light as stop brake lights and dimmer red light as rear position lights.

    Stop lights or car brake lights: red steadily lit rear lights, brighter than the rear position lights, are activated when the driver applies the vehicle's brakes and warn vehicles behind to prepare to stop or a decreasing travel speed.

    Rear fog truck lights: trucks units are equipped with one or two bright red "rear fog lamps", which serve as high-intensity rear position lights, both on tractor units and trailers, to be activated in poor visibility conditions, as fog or heavy snowing, to make the vehicle more visible from the rear.

    Reverse moving truck lights: their function is to warn nearby drivers and pedestrians of vehicle's reverse motion, and to provide illumination to the rear when the truck is in reversing mode.

    Rear registration truck plate light: the rear registration truck plate is illuminated either by a single or a pair of white lights. It is designed to light the surface of the plate without creating light directly visible to the rear of the vehicle.


    24V cabin interior truck light bulbs

    Interior and convenience 24V truck cabin lights

    Most trucks have two of "dome light", or "courtesy light", located in front and middle of the truck cabin, near the middle cabin ceiling, to provide illumination by which to fasten seatbelts and enter or exit the truck. On our days we can talk about the dome lights panels where, apart from the courtesy lights, we will find switches for map reading interior lights that are aimed at specific passenger positions and allow for reading without glare distraction to the driver and like an extra light for drivers map reading when truck stopped.

    Truck cabin interior lighting has been added at the bottom edge of the dashboard, illuminating the floor for driver and passengers. This type of convenience lighting approach is also sometimes used to illuminate interior or exterior door handles, exterior step running boards, or electric window switches.

    Some trucks have "approach lighting", lights that illuminate the ground outside the doors, in the exterior mirrors or lower edges of the doors.

    Other types of interior and convenience car lights are the light in the engine compartment and lights in the glove box and other storage compartments.

    And to not forget about that most instruments and controls on truck dashboard are illuminated when the headlights are switched on, and the intensity of dashboard light can be adjusted by the driver for comfort.


    For all these types of truck and trailer lights listed above, in this section you will find all kinds of 24V bulbs for stop, signal, position, interior comfort and auxiliary lights.

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