Night Vision Car Lights

H7 +150% Night Vision WolframUpgraded halogen headlights lamps are offering at night driving a more road visibility, more luminous intensity, maximum light output, more whiter light, as well as high-end lighting technologies. Halogen Night Vision +150% car lights from Wolfram set new standards for automotive lighting with their increased visibility.

night vision halogen lamps

Wolfram Night Vision +150% high performance halogen car headlight bulbs

Headlights quality plays an important role in road safety. A clear field of vision and high visibility can significantly enhance your ability to drive at night. With 150% extra light to guide your way, the Night Vison halogen car bulb is the brightest halogen headlight in Wolfram portfolio.


This powerful headlight car halogen bulb delivers premium performance in any situation. With up to 20% whiter light and a far-reaching beam, you’ll always have a commanding view of the road for up to 150 meters, enabling you to react to signs and obstacles sooner.


This type of car headlights halogen bulb combines high-intensity output with low glare so that other road participants can easily see you coming a long way in advance. And do not forget about the modern stylish look that will be seen your "old" car, like a modern one, when replacing a halogen standard car bulb with one of performance halogen Wolfram Night Vision that have a brighter and whiter light output.


3900K white light colour temperature

Pros of Wolfram Night Vision halogen car headlights bulbs comparing it with Standard halogen car bulbs:

  • up to +150% Extra Light
  • up to +150m road night visibility
  • up to +20% Whiter Light
  • premium duo packaging of Wolfram Night Vision halogen car bulbs
  • 3900K ultimate style light color temperature with intense white light looking alike of standard xenon light
  • high contrast and excelent visibility for safe driving
  • high-precision coating and high-quality UV-quartz glass
  • made in Korea with high technology equipments and materials

The downturn for this upgraded halogen car light bulbs is the lifetime parameter that is a little bit more than half compared with standard halogen light bulbs.

Night Vision extra performance halogen car bulbs - premium car lights

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