Xenon 4300K Series Brown

Xenon headlights bulbs, also known as High Intensity Discharge HID headlights bulbs, use xenon gas particles and an electric arc to emit a white-blue light. The high intensity and bright light that is emitted illuminates a much greater area than that of a traditional halogen bulb.

xenon car lamps 4300k

Xenon bulbs for car as standard replacement

The Xenon Standard 4,300K Brown Series refers to the regular type of Xenon car bulbs that will emit a warm white light output. The 4300K Brown Series XENON headlight bulb is producing a white light with a hue of yellow comparable to natural light. This is the first choice of Xenon car light bulb spare part replacement or even as factory original equipment because of the affordable price..


Xenon headlights bulbs produce a brighter light that shines further than typical halogen bulbs, making xenon a great headlight option for those who do a lot of night time driving. Xenon car bulbs also require much less energy to illuminate and they are producing less heat, that is a wasted energy, than halogen car bulbs, making them a more efficient headlight option.


Xenon headlights come with self-levelling technology as a standard safety feature which means they should not need height beam adjusting. Also having properly calibrated xenon headlights will help you to see the road ahead more clearly when driving in the dark.


Recomandation: to avoid unbalanced or unpredictable xenon headlight beams and to get the full benefit of your headlights at night driving, change the xenon car bulbs in pairs when one of them appear dim or begin to shine in a yellow or pinkish light.

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