D1S Osram 4500K 35W 85V PK32d-2 Xenarc Original 66140 headlight lamp
  • D1S Osram 4500K 35W 85V PK32d-2 Xenarc Original 66140 headlight lamp
  • D1S Osram 4500K 35W 85V PK32d-2 Xenarc Original 66140 headlight lamp

OSRAM D1S 66140 Xenarc Original

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OSRAM XENON HID XENARC Original Standard Light Series

D1S 4500K 35W 85V PK32d-2 66140 HID type car headlight lamp

OSRAM - German design and quality genuine spare parts


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D1S OSRAM XENON 4500K 35W 85V PK32d-2 HID type car headlight lamp XENARC 66140 Original Standard Light Series

HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge which indicates that this type of headlights are brighter than standard halogen headlights.

A HID bulb will produce light by passing an electric arc between two wolfram electrodes encased in a transparent fussed quartz arc tube. This enclosure is filled with xenon gas and metal salts which enables the arc's initial strike.

Because the HID car lamps contain xenon gas, some manufacturers refer to HID lights as XENON lights.

OSRAM automotive xenon hid bulbsXENON headlight bulbs compared with halogen standard series headlight bulbs require less energy to function but need more energy only for the start up.

XENON headlight  lamps will genearte less amount of heat comparing with Halogen headlight bulbs which is saved energy.

As XENON car light bulbs uses gas as its energy source, it needs less electricity to generate the light.

D1S 4500K Osram Xenarc Original headlight bulb generate a warm white light output. D1S 4500K Xenarc Original headlight lamp is producing a white light with a hue of yellow comparable to natural light.

This Osram D1S 4500K Xenarc Original car headlight bulb color light is the choice of the drivers who wish to greatly increase nighttime visibility without significantly changing their standard color lighting.

Thanks to the impressive intensity of the light, the D1S 4500K Osram Xenarc Original lamps provide better visibility on the road. The durable lamps function it is as original spare parts of your vehicle and will offer you a long working lifetime.

Osram Xenarc Original D1S lamps impress with its high contrast white light and the reliable OEM quality. Successfully used in millions of new automobiles from renowned manufacturers, whether as standard initial equipment or original spare parts.

With up to 4,500 Kelvin color temperature, their light is closer to natural daylight than conventional halogen light with 3,200 Kelvin – and is thus more pleasant for the eyes.

Attention: XENON lamp change is recommended to be carried out by a professional.

Product Description - headlight bulb XENON 4500K XENARC ORIGINAL 66140

Ece - D1S

Volt - 85 Volts

Watt - 35 Watts

Base - PK32d-2

Luminous flux - 3200 Lm

Lifespan Tc - 3000 Hours

Packaging Qty - 1 pcs.

Product Barcode - 4008321184276

Brand: OSRAM

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Data sheet

Product Description
XENARC Original
85 Volts
35 Watts
Packaging Qty
1 pcs.



OSRAM XENARC ORIGINAL D1S 66140 data sheet

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