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OSRAM - the future of light - precision, quality and innovation in all areas of automotive lighting


OSRAM - the future of light

OSRAM - precision, quality and innovation in all areas of automotive lighting

OSRAM Xenarc

Osram is a leading manufacturer of automotive lighting solutions, offering a wide range of products that enhance visibility and safety on the road. Osram's automotive lighting portfolio includes headlights, taillights, interior lighting, and auxiliary lighting solutions.

Osram's headlights feature innovative technology such as Xenon Xenarc, LED and laser technology, providing brighter and more efficient lighting than traditional halogen bulbs. The company's taillights are designed to be durable and energy-efficient, while also offering excellent visibility to drivers behind the vehicle.

The Xenon Xenarc line of products includes the Original, the Cool Blue Intense (Next Gen), the Ultra Life, and the Night Breaker Laser (Next Gen) categories. These are genuine spare parts of OEM quality.

In addition to traditional lighting solutions, Osram also offers innovative interior lighting solutions that provide a unique and personalized driving experience. These solutions include ambient lighting that can be customized to suit individual preferences, and projection systems that display information and graphics directly onto the vehicle's interior surfaces.

Osram's auxiliary lighting solutions include fog lights, daytime running lights, and driving lights, which can be used to supplement the vehicle's headlights and provide additional visibility in adverse weather conditions or low-light situations.

Overall, Osram's automotive lighting solutions are designed to enhance safety, comfort, and style for drivers and passengers alike.

In over 100 years, OSRAM has become the world leader in the automotive lighting market. OSRAM is a precious and reliable partner for the world's leading car manufacturers. In fact, every year, half of the cars manufactured worldwide are equipped with OSRAM lamps.

OSRAM continuously improves its products and at the same time develops new lighting solutions. As a supplier of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), OSRAM maintains a rigorous quality improvement program, year after year, so that the right product is always within reach of customers.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, OSRAM is a world player present in many countries – wherever the customers are, OSRAM meet their needs.


XENARC ORIGINAL lamps impress with a wide product range and the reliable OEM quality. Successfully used in millions of new automobiles from renowned manufacturers, whether as standard initial equipment or original spare parts.

With up to 4,500 Kelvin color temperature, their light is closer to natural daylight than conventional halogen light with 3,200 Kelvin – and is thus more pleasant for the eyes.

Thanks to the impressive intensity of the light, the lamps provide better visibility on the road.

The durable lamps function as original spare parts of your vehicle and convince with their long lifetime.

OSRAM - XENARC Cool Blue Intense (Next Gen)

Osram Xenarc Cool Blue IntenseXENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE – discover that modern look at high power! With its extra white light for LED look, high-contrast xenon light, this automotive lamp appeals especially to drivers who like the perfect combination of stylish and individual design with exceptional road illumination.

The high-tech xenon light with color temperatures of up to 6,200 Kelvin comes up with a highly efficient technology, brilliant effect and no-compromise design.

Thanks to a special filling system which is used instead of conventional coating the lamp emits its extra white light.

This stylish light creates a high-attention effect that helps you to be better seen by other motorists.

Discover the exceptionally bright, high-contrast and brilliantly white light with up to 6,200 Kelvin and 150% more brightness!

With XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE, the night turns into day.


XENARC ULTRA LIFE xenon lamps were developed with durability in mind. These long-life headlight lamps make life just that little bit more hassle-free, thanks to a lifetime up to four times longer compared to standard xenon lamps.

Besides, these reliable lights impress with a service life up to 300,000 km (with an average annual mileage of 14,259 km and 60% light on)!

For XENARC ULTRA LIFE lamps, OSRAM provides a unique 10 year guarantee for end consumers (

Thus, you not only save money on costly replacements, but also save yourself future stress and downtime.

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