Stop Signal Car Lights

A car has several stop and signalling lighting devices: route light indicators, brake lights, side marker lights, hazard warning lights, reversing lights, rear fog lights and the car position lights. These signalling devices are used by drivers to communicate to other road participants what they intend to do. Light signals give a attention warning to other road users that you intend to make a specific manoeuvre.

stop signal car light bulbs

Car signalling light bulbs

Giving appropriate car light signals at the correct time and place, and correctly interpreting the signals of other road users, is important for the safety of all traffic participants.


Your car light signals must be given in a proper time before you start your car manoeuvre and for long enough for their meaning to be clear to other road users.


Indicator car lights are amber colored and can be located at the front, the rear, and at the side of the car on both the left and right sides. You will use your car indicators lights to show an intended change of direction, whether turning left or right or steping into traffic. Use the indicator car lights properly, giving other road users plenty of time to react and adapt to your signal. Once you have completed the manoeuvre, make sure the indicator lights has been cancelled, or you may confuse other road users.


When you press the brake pedal, two rear warning lights are activated. These lights are called brake lights signals. This signals are showing to traffic behind you that you are slowing down. The brake lights are in red color and are more powerful than the position car lights.


When you turn on your hazard warning lights, every indicator light of the car has begins to flash. You turn on your hazard warning lights when you need to warn other road participants of a hazard as your car has technical difficulties and is obstructing the traffic, or to warn other road users of an ahead unexpected event or obstacle.


When a car is put into reverse gear either one or two white lights are activated at the rear of the car. These are the reverse mode car lights.


Car front and rear position lights and car side marker lights, provide nighttime standing-vehicle conspicuity and mark the outer limts of the car. Together with rear fog lights they are completing the car signalling lights types.


The next section will introduce and offer you all the 12V metal base car bulbs that you may need to replace a broken signalling car light from stop and signal category.

Car stop and signal light bulbs - car replacement signalling bulbs

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