Stop Signal Metal Base R10W 10W 12V BA15s side marker light bulb
  • Stop Signal Metal Base R10W 10W 12V BA15s side marker light bulb
  • Stop Signal Metal Base R10W 10W 12V BA15s side marker light bulb


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WOLFRAM Stop Signal Series

R10W 10W 12V BA15s Metal Base type, side marker car lamp

Clear type color car lighting bulb


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Stop, Signal, Side Marker and Interior Convenience Series, R10W 10W 12V BA15s Metal Base, side marker type car lamp bulb

R10W car signal lights have an important safety function. They demonstrate deceleration and a change in direction of the vehicle, and make the vehicle more visible to other road users when it is dark or during poor visibility.

The turn signaling car lamps flash in a rhythmic pattern to draw the attention of other road driving participants and indicate them your intention of changing lanes or driving direction. This is achieved in a pulsing light manner.

The stop car lamps used a continously steady stream of light to inform other traffic participants that you decelerate or your intention of stopping your vehicle. The stop light is brighter than other signaling lights.

Front and rear position lights, side marker lights, side turn signal, rear fog lights, reversing lights, and rear registration plate lights are other types of light used by cars for increase the vehicle's visibility, allowing other road participants to see its presence, position, size, direction of travel, and its driver's intentions.

Product Description - Metal Base stop, signaling, side marker, position, license plate, interior, and convenience car lighting bulb

Ece - R10W

Volt - 12 Volts

Watt - 10 Watts

Base - BA15s

Packaging Qty - 1 pcs.

Product Barcode - 8682005501311


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Data sheet

Product Description
Stop Signal Series Metal Base
12 Volts
10 Watts
Packaging Qty
1 pcs.



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