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NIKEN Pro Series car LED headlight system for brighter roads

LED car headlights NIKEN ProSeries

LED car headlightsNIKEN Pro Series car LED headlight bulbs emits a stronger light from a thinner emitting surface comparing with the classical xenon or halogen bulbs. In this way the LED lighting bulb will create a perfect powerful light beam pattern that does not disturb the oncoming car drivers and helping the car driver to have a clear road vision during the road night journey.

NIKEN Pro Series car LED headlight system will regulate the temperature of the device in case of increasing heatness with integrated high quality electronics control devices.

NIKEN Pro Series car LED car light bulb with its compact design can be installed easily on your car lighting system.

NIKEN Pro Series LED car lighting system transfers the heat of the LED diodes to the cooling body with a perfect conductivity of the copper construction led base. Also it has a silent and perfect cooling feature with its improved technology used for construction. In this way, the aluminum body does not get hot at all and up to 80% of the causes of light failure are phased out. The aluminium type used in construction of cooling system of NIKEN led headlights is the high grade Aluminium 6063. Also for reducing the running heat of led headlight system it is used a professional grade cooling fan with 8500 RPM.

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